How to Set Boundaries with an Alcoholic or Addict

Set Boundaries with Alcoholic or Addict; couple arguing

If you’re in a relationship with an alcoholic or addict – whether it’s your spouse, parent, child, or friend – you’ll find that setting boundaries is an essential component of self-preservation. Without boundaries, you’re likely to be consumed by the needs of the alcoholic or addict. People struggling with addiction don’t have boundaries; they take …

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Boundaries and Codependency

woman on couch; Boundaries and codependency

What’s the connection between boundaries and codependency? Do weak boundaries mean I’m codependent? These are common questions and this article and the video shared below will help you understand why problems with boundaries are associated with codependency and determine if you have codependent traits. Boundaries For this discussion, it’s important to remember that boundaries serve …

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